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Dear WhoEasy customer, we are very sorry to hear that we were not able to meet and exceed your expectations in your interaction with our support team. We are always striving to improve our customer service and very much value your feedback. Your feedback has been relayed to our team. Unfortunately during your call to our support team there appears to have been a malfunction with the transfer mechanism and unfortunately your call was disconnected. We are very sorry for that negative experience. Thank you for following up via email. I can confirm that you or someone in your household signed up for our membership using your email address. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us at

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Apparently I have an account since Nov./ 35.81 a month!!!!!!!! Only, I DONT KNOW ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!

They have my info., I don't know how! but I don't have theirs. They can't tell me if or what activity there has been, as they "are protecting the client"....yet I am the client, according to them. They have NEVER sent a 'paid bill' to my email address since the account opened, thus I didn't know about it.

I can't access it, since I don't have knowledge of it. And yes...*** poor action by me, I only skimmed my credit card statements, knowing what I DID do with it. The bank was on the phone with me on conference call with the company, they hung up on us, and refused to answer the return phone call, we assume by using tracer equipment.

They sent a "Cancelled account" email....the very first email from them ..........I want a refund!!! WATCH OUT EVERYONE!!!!!!!!

Review about: Whoeasy Membership.

I didn't like: Being hung up on, Refusing to help, Never used service, Didnt know i had an account, Cant access what i dont have knowledge of.

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